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On the Couch with… Gladwin Shitolo
1. Greetings! Gladwin and welcome to Platinum Stars FC…
- Holla… Thank You very much!

2. What is your overall experience with Platinum Stars FC so far?
- The style of play has been a good experience to me and not forgetting the training that is helping me improve my skills.

3. Did you ever think you’d play for Stars?
- Nope! I never thought of that.

4. Are you married?
- No! I am in a serious relationship.

5. What is your good and bad memory of Platinum Stars while with Pirates?
- Bad memory? The time they took 2 cups under us in just 3 months. And good? Their performance was out of this world. It was a team that achieved fairly and they inspired many teams to work together.

6. Are you on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram?
- Facebook.

7. Where do you see yourself in the next year or two?
- Like any other player, playing abroad.

8. Favourite types of music?
- Gospel. I prefer listening to something that builds me so gospel remains that.

9. Made any friends yet at Stars?
- Not really, I hang around with everyone at the club house.

10. Where do you draw your inspiration?
- From my church Pastors and reading motivational books by Joel Osteen.

11. The naughtiest thing ever did?
- Never been naughty!

12. One thing people do not know about you?
- I am a born again Christian.

Posted: 24 March 2015
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