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I really hope we win some trophies this season – Mbatha
I really hope we win some trophies this season – Mbatha
At Platinum Stars, there’s only one woman who is allowed to touch the players.
“I am qualified to do so,” says Zambi Mbatha, the club masseur. “I have got qualifications and experience for it.”
Mbatha has been working for Dikwena for over a decade as part of the club’s medical team. She helps players with all sports related injuries. She tells that she enjoys every minute of her job.
“I joined Dikwena in 2006. I love my job. I don’t think twice about it and I don’t even look back. I am in love with what I am doing. I do sport massages. I also deal with treating sports injuries,” says Mbatha.
For a woman who is hands on working with players on the pitch and not from the office, she has encountered challenges but they are not that major.
“Players are welcoming but for some of them is something new working with a woman. Obviously you try to make the atmosphere to be comfortable and they end up adapting. The good thing is that the players respect my job and me as a person. Being the only woman working directly with the team, sometimes you don’t have anyone you can talk to or share a room with. But it’s nothing major. Besides being in a man’s world, it’s a different setup altogether. It’s not something that I think about. I don’t think I have serious challenges,” says Mbatha.
Mbatha is hoping that Peter Butler’s men can do better this season and put smiles on Dikwena supporters.
“My wish is that we work as team and achieve things that we couldn’t achieve in other seasons. I hope players get more motivated and motivate themselves and make it easier for us as a technical team to actually work with them. I hope we win some cups as well because we haven’t been doing well in that regard for quite some time,” says Mbatha.
Mbatha is one of the women that have dared to dream and made strides in the so called word of men. She has a message of encouragement for other women.
“There could be women out there who could be holding themselves back thinking I can’t do this, I can’t do that. I don’t think that’s what people should always think of. Try something new. It’s nice to do something that’s unique. It shows your ability. It shows how far you can go. To all the women out there, never give up and you must aim very high,” says Mbatha.

Posted: 10-08-2017
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